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Date  Work  Notes 
August 30    Introduction class 
September 1  in class work on midpoint  Analytic Geometry - Midpoint.docx  
Sept 6  MHS Questions on Midpoint 

3-The Midpoint Formula (kutasoftware.com)
Quiz on Midpoint next class 
Sept 7  in class work on distance  Analytic Geometry - Distance Between Two Points.docx  
Sept 9  MHS questions on distance
3-The Distance Formula (kutasoftware.com) 
Sept 14  in class work on point of division  Analytic Geometry - Point of Division.docx  
Sept 15  Analytic Geometry review package
 Midpoint, Distance and Division Point worksheet.docx
1 and #2 only
Sept 19 Finish / Redo notes on Point of Division (because of class merger)  
Sept 20 Analytic Geometry Review  
Sept 23 Point of Division practice  
Sept 28 Quiz on Point of Division
MHS on Midpoint
Sept 29 in class work on slope
MHS on Slope
MHS on Distance
Optimization - Slope of a Line.docx  
Oct 4 MHS on Point of Division
Review Part C Question
Oct 5 Test #1  
Oct 6 in class work on Equation of a Line
MHS on Equation of a Line
Equation of a Line - Functional Form.docx
Oct 12 in class work on General Form Equation of a Line - General Form.docx
Oct 17 in class work on Intercepts
MHS on General FOrm
Oct 18 Quiz on General Form  
Oct 19 in class work on Parallel Lines
MHS on Parallel Lines
Analytic Geometry - Parallel Lines.docx
Oct 21 in class work on Perpendicular Lines Analytic Geometry - Perpendicular Lines.docx
Oct 26 MHS on Perpendicular Lines  
Oct 27 MHS on Putting it All Together  
Oct 31 Analytic Geometry Part C Questions  
Nov 1    
Nov 2    
Nov 4    
Nov 9 in class work on system of equations Equation of a Line - System of Equations.docx
Nov 10    
Nov 14 in class work on system of equation  
Nov 15 MHS on Substitution Method  
Nov 16 MHS on Elimination Method
in class work on system of equation word problems
Equation of a Line - Word Problems.docx  
Nov 18 in class work on word problems  
Nov 23 MHS on Elimination Method Word Problems
    Trigonometry - Trig Ratios.docx
    Trigonometry - Inverse Ratios.docx
    Trigonometry - Sine Law.docx
    Trigonometry - Area of a Triangle.docx



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