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Date  Work  Notes 

August 31 

Introduction class 


Sept 7 Notes on Midpoint Analytic Geometry - Midpoint.docx
Sept 11  MHS assignment on Midpoint 
Quiz next class
Sept 12 Notes on Distance
Quiz next class
Analytic Geometry - Distance Between Two Points.docx
Sept 13 MHS on Distance
Quiz on Distance
Sept 14 Notes on Point of Division Analytic Geometry - Point of Division.docx
Sept 20 Finish Notes on POD
Quiz next class
Sept 21    
Sept 25 Notes on Slope
MHS on Slope
Optimization - Slope of a Line.docx
Sept 26 Multi Topic Problems
Test next class
Midpoint, Distance and Division Point worksheet.docx  
Sept 27 Test on Analytic Geometry  
Sept 28 Notes on Linear Equations Equation of a Line - Functional Form.docx  
Oct 4 MHS on Linear Equations
Quiz next class
Oct 5 Notes on General form of a Line Equation of a Line - General Form.docx
Oct 10 Notes on Intercepts
MHS on General Form of a Line 
Oct 11 Notes on Parallel Lines
MHS on Parallel Lines
Analytic Geometry - Parallel Lines.docx
Oct 18 Notes on Perpendicular Lines Analytic Geometry - Perpendicular Lines.docx
Oct 19 MHS on Perpendicular Lines  
Oct 23 Quiz on Perpendicular Lines
Practice with Part C Questions
Oct 24 Part C Questions  
Oct 25 Putting it all together MHS  
Oct 26 Test #2  
Nov 1 Notes on System of Equations Equation of a Line - System of Equations.docx
Nov 2 MHS Catch up...  
Nov 7 MHS Comparison
MHS Substitution
Nov 8 MHS Elimination
Quiz on Systems
Nov 9 Notes on System Word Problems Equation of a Line - Word Problems.docx  
Nov 15 MHS on Comparison WP  
Nov 16 Quiz on Comparison WP
MHS on Elimination WP
Nov 20 MHS on Substitution WP
Nov 29 Quiz on Elimination WP
MHS on System of Equation WP
Nov 30 Review on System of Equation WP  
Dec 4  Elimination WP Quiz
Part C Review for Test 
Dec 5 Part C Review for Test   
Dec 6 Full Review for Test  
Dec 7 Test #3 on System of Equations  
Dec 18  Notes on Trigonometry Trigonometry - Trig Ratios.docx
Trigonometry - Inverse Ratios.docx
Dec 19 C1 on Systems  
Dec 20 MHS on Trig  
Dec 21 MHS on Trig with Multiple Triangles  
Jan 10 Notes on Sine Law 
MHS on Sine Law
Trigonometry - Sine Law.docx  
Jan 11 Worksheet on Trig / Sine Law Law of Sines Worksheet.pdf
Jan 15 Quiz on Sine Law
Notes on Area of a Triangle
MHS on Area of a Triangle
Trigonometry - Area of a Triangle.docx
Jan 16 Worksheet on Area of a Triangle Trig Worksheet.pdf
Jan 17    
Jan 18    
Jan 24    
Jan 25 Notes on Congruent Triangles Geometry - Congruent Triangles.docx
Jan 29 Notes on Congruent Triangles continued..
MHS on Congruent Triangles
Jan 30 Notes on Similar Triangles Geometry - Similar Triangles.docx
Jan 31 MHS on Similar Triangles  
Feb 1    
Feb 7 Metric Relations in a Triangle
MHS on Metric Relations
Geometry - Metric Relations.docx
Feb 8 Triangles REVIEW Triangles Review 2.docx
Feb 12 Triangles REVIEW  
Feb 13 Test on Triangles  
Feb 14 Function Notation Notes Functions - Introduction.docx
Feb 15 C1 on Triangles  
Feb 21 Notes on Quadratics
MHS on Quadratics
Functions - Quadratic.docx
Feb 22 MHS on Quadratic Word Problems  
Feb 26 Quiz on Quadratics
Notes on Step Graphs
Functions - Step Function.docx



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